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Apr 09

Polari Magazine – An Interview with Christopher Bryant

Christopher Bryant, of Polari Magazine, talks to Neil McKenna about the arrest and trial of Fanny and Stella in 1870, a scandal that rocked Victorian England and revealed a hidden underworld of female impersonators and male prostitutes.   Read the whole interview here

Feb 06

Fanny and Stella on Radio 3 Night Waves with Matthew Sweet

On 4th February, I was a guest on BBC 3’s flagship arts programme, Night Waves. talking with Matthew Sweet about Fanny and Stella, chirruping and the invention of camp, among other things! You can listen to the podcast here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/r3arts  

Jan 29

Interview with George Miller about Fanny & Stella on The Faber Podcast

Listen to me talking to George Miller about Fanny & Stella on The Faber Podcast

Jan 23

Interview on Radio 4, the Today Programme with Evan Davies

In the morning of January 22nd I appeared on the Radio 4 Today programme where I was interviewed by Evan Davies about Fanny and Stella, my latest book. You can listen to a recording further down the page.  Here is a transcript of that interview: Radio 4 Today Programme broadcast on 22nd January at 6:53 …

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